Solar energy; a renewable source:
The energy coming from the sun is responsible for the life on earth .In fact this energy is going to be stored in a variety of forms. Or in other words this energy once used is not wasted at all. Sun is actually a renewable source of energy. This energy is not limited too. Sun is a reservoir of unlimited sun is actually a blessing for us. Though sun is not going to shine on us all the time , yet  its energy is in fact available all the we need not to be worried during the night time or during the rainy days, we even then have a plenty of energy provided by the sun. An amazing fact is that the operators using solar energy can keep working for years without recharging.

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Fossil fuels are also a great source of energy. But this energy cannot be reused by us .it means this energy can be used only for a single turn. This source of energy is rather dangerous for us because according to the law of conservation of energy, the energy of these sources converted into another form is not now going to be destroyed at fact it becomes a part of the environment and making the climatic conditions more severe. This is what which contribute to global warming. Furthermore the burning of these fossil fuels adds pollution to the environment and in addition we are not rich in these sources too. We are in a limited supply of fossil fuels are not a good source of energy. Similarly gas, oil, petroleum and coal etc. are also a source of energy but they are not making a good contribution in this respect too. Now we will see the advantages of solar energy.image001 300x225

Advantages of solar energy:
Saves the environment:
The best advantage of solar energy is that it does not pollute the works wonder. It is an amazing source of energy without causing any harm to the environment. It does not pollute water, air or land. In fact when we are using solar energy in spite of using other damaging sources of energy, we are actually saving our environment. We are making it safe from the harms of dangerous gases and the extreme heat emitted during the burning of other sources of energy. Carbon dioxide is at the top of the dangerous gases polluting the environment.  So solar energy is a blessing in fact saving us from green house effects and global warming. All the land and water bodies are also in a safety due to this amazing source of energy, the solar energy.

Cheap source of energy:
Solar panels are built which use this solar energy and are the reliable operators. These solar panels can work even for 30 years. They can work for more than 30 years if they are used with a great care. Residential solar energy technologies have a great future. Talented persons can build solar panels by buying different parts from internet that will be in your home within no time. It costs a little so solar energy is not only a cheap source of energy but also very easily accessible.

Easy to install:
Within no time these solar panels can be bought. It also takes no time to install them.

A reliable source:
The energy stored in a solar panel during the sun time may be much more than the requirement. So it does not matter that the energy is not going to be provided to the solar panel during night or during cloudy days, it has surplus energy stored during day time. This extra amount of energy can be stored in utility’s grid through a net metering arrangement. This stored energy can be then sold or the owner can get a benefit for the extra production of electricity.

Solar panels are not a cheap alternative of getting energy from other forms of energy. They are somehow costly. But at the time when their cost would be reduced, solar panels will be a tradition in every house.

One more disadvantage is that the solar panels consume a lot of area .so they cannot be installed where the space is not large.

Photovoltaic cells are working in solar panels and polluting materials can decrease their efficiency, so pollution is damaging for solar panels. Also during rainy days the supply of sun is blocked and hence working of solar panels decreases.

So clearly advantages of solar energy  are pronounced over other energy sources.

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